Scope of  Business Activities:

Scope of our business activities crosses many borders and a wide variety of
industries; including RE of all types, energy, oil /gas, mining of all types,
manufacturing of all types, automation, marine, construction/infrastructure of
various types, utilities of all types, health care/pharmaceutical, food
processing, capital equipment/ machinery, commodities (oil an precious

We have transactional experience structuring complex financing transactions
utilizing creative funding solutions. Types of funding solutions offered are any
one or combinations of; institutional and private asset based funding, private
placements (placements of corporate/industrial bonds and preferred stocks),
capital equipment lease finance, credit enhancements, formation of JVs and
strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, as well as assisting client
companies in "going public".

We are well versed in all types of international banking, guarantee, and credit
enhancement instruments and trade finance.

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contact Mr. Abbas Heydarian, Director
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Services We Provide:

Business Development Consultancy

Corporate, Commercial, Project, Trade,
Machinery/Equipment, and Commodity Finance

Procurements of All Types of Equipment/ Machinery,
Technologies, Materials, and Technical Manpower